Gensokyo Defenders
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They group, they swarm, they attack! Fairy games evolved into wars across Gensokyo!
Cirno, the ambitious icy fairy, has drawn attention from Aya, the Tengu reporter, who's been looking for the best scoop among the hoopla.
From Aya's camera, you will witness the journey of a weak, tiny icy fairy becoming the greatest of all!

Neetpia proudly presents "Gensokyo Defenders,"
an action-packed tower defense game set in the fantasy world of Gensokyo.
Defend against hordes of fairies with Traps and Spell Cards!
Explode, freeze, and mesmerise with over 20 playable characters,
Master their unique skills, build your own strategy, and let none survive!



Each stage has a base and a swarm of enemies marching towards it.
Set up Traps to hold them back and attack with your character to finish them off.
Defeat the boss at the end of the stage and claim victory!


Place Traps!

Build an array of traps using resources gained from beating fairies!
Traps can slow down, deal serious damage, and more!

Head-on Combat!

Traps alone won’t beat the horde!
Fight back with your character to get crowded areas under control!

Spell cards!

Blow away foes with unique abilities! Combine them with Traps for crushing attacks!


  • PlayStation4

    United States of America

    Price: $18.99

    PS Store


    Price: £15.49

    PS Store

    New Zealand

    Price: $30.95

    PS Store

    Other countries

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  • Nintendo Switch

    United States of America

    Price: $19.99

    Nintendo eShop


    Price: £17.99

    Nintendo eShop

  • Steam


    Price: $19.99